I develop bespoke solutions for your digital problems

I do more than simple web design, UI/UX design and software development

My name is Jon Graham, and I founded Rogues & Villains to centralise my various creative projects and consultancy engagements into one dynamic organisation.

I am a freelance consultant with a background in brand strategy, software development, web design and UI/UX design, and I use that experience to innovate, transform and deliver real impact.

I have been delivering websites, software and visual media for over 20 years, and continue to learn new skills and hone my craft today. I have particular experience developing with Python, Javascript, HTML and PHP, with systems such as WordPress, Django, React, Gatsby and Webflow.

How I operate

I solve complex problems in an efficient, agile way, through following tried-and-tested processes while remaining flexible to new approaches and opportunities.

Before we begin any project, I will ask you three key questions:

Why this?

Why me?

Why now?

Your responses to these questions will help me to discover what you are trying to achieve, whether I am the most suitable partner for you to work with, and how you will measure the project’s success.

Whatever your project is, I will approach it with a fresh outlook, challenge conventions, suggest solutions and inspire you to think bigger.

I will collaborate with you to identify the right tech for the job, develop a strategy for achieving your goal, and execute the agreed plan to deliver on budget and on time.

What I can do for you

I specialise in consulting and project management, and use my varied experience and connections to bring together the right people and the right technology for a given problem.

Amongst the projects I’ve delivered are websites for recruitment firms and marketing agencies, eCommerce sites and brand strategies for start-ups and multi-national businesses, portfolio sites for musicians and artists, logos and branding for podcasters, a custom marketing tool that incorporates data from Companies House, a custom password generation tool that produces repeatable results, a corporate intranet and knowledge base, and a variety of video, audio, vector graphic, digital publication and design strategy products.

I offer a range of engagement levels, from one-off discussions and high-level advice, through to workshops, long-term consultancy retainers and delivery of entire projects.


I will gather insight into your market, analyse opportunities for your business and diagnose solutions at a strategic level. I will work with you to define your position, support you in building the case for change, and develop strategy documents that ensure key stakeholders are engaged with and brought along for the journey.


From logo and colour palette, through typography and imagery, to the interfaces of your software and the experiences of your customers, I will work with you to ensure that your brand’s identity and messaging communicate your ethos effectively and that you thrive in your marketplace.


I will collaborate with you to realise your transformation, develop your internal and external communications, and equip you with the tools that you will need to make change happen and measure success. I will facilitate learning and provide mentorship to ensure that you keep reaping the benefits long after our engagement concludes.

How to get started

The best way to know if we’re right for each other is to meet up. You can email me to arrange a virtual or in-person meeting. I do not charge for initial scoping meetings and welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your business.

If you would like me to provide technical consultancy and advice about a project or your business more generally, I am available to engage in either a one-off or ongoing capacity with a fixed daily rate.

Charity work

I welcome applications from charities and for pro bono work to support good causes. However, I am only able to work on a limited number of those projects per year, and will prioritise those whose goals and ethics align with my own.

Let’s talk

Get in touch to discuss your project